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Caster gauge (for Yokomo plastic knuckles)

Caster gauge (for Yokomo plastic knuckles)

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It can be used with a HUDY gauge for a perfect fit.

Can be used with both new and old HUDY gauges.

It is compatible with both new and old G-Force gauges.

When installing turnbuckle type upper arms such as Yokomo MS1.0

This is necessary to accurately adjust the caster angle.

For A-arm vehicles, any misalignment in the caster angle between the left and right sides can adversely affect driving.

This is an essential item for precisely aligning the left and right sides with the gauge.

The tip is colored to improve visibility.

This is a set of 4 pieces, front, back, left and right.

To use, simply slide this product sideways into the plastic knuckle arm of the MS1.0.

It fits perfectly without any play.

*We have not confirmed compatibility with devices other than HUDY and G-force gauges, so they may not be usable, but they are not marked as compatible.

*The distance from the center of the axle to the needle tip is 39 mm. If the opening to the scale of the gauge is about 40 mm, it may be usable.

*The tip color will be yellow to match Yokomo.


The resin used has the following characteristics:

Currently it is the third batch.

-Excellent toughness

・Shock resistance

- Bending resistance

-High safety for the human body

3rd lot: Breaking elongation value 911

Second lot: Breaking elongation value 238

First lot: Breaking elongation value 118

*Since it has low heat resistance, please use it in an ambient temperature of 60 degrees or below.

High temperatures and direct sunlight can cause deformation.

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