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Body stiffener (for roof)

Body stiffener (for roof)

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This is a stiffener designed to increase the rigidity of today's thin bodies.

Fits perfectly on Twister and Twister Special.

*This does not mean that it cannot be used with other competition bodies.

There are several ways to fix the position.

Each one has a different feel, so find the one you like best.

  1. Line at the top of the windshield (reference position)
  2. Roof center section
  3. Cut it in the middle and paste it at position ① or ②
  4. Both sides have double-sided tape or not.

A carbon shaft of φ1.2 mm is used.

It has moderate hardness and flexibility, so the body does not become too hard.

It is lightweight, so you don't have to worry about weight gain or changes in the center of gravity.

We plan to offer different shaft thicknesses in the future.


The resin used has the following characteristics:

Currently it is the third batch.

-Excellent toughness

・Shock resistance

- Bending resistance

-High safety for the human body

3rd lot: Breaking elongation value 911

Second lot: Breaking elongation value 238

First lot: Breaking elongation value 118

*Since it has low heat resistance, please use it in an ambient temperature of 60 degrees or below.

High temperatures and direct sunlight can cause deformation.

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