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3D-Front Bumper V3 for TC10/3 / AXON (1 piece)

3D-Front Bumper V3 for TC10/3 / AXON (1 piece)

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  • Optimized weight distribution for smooth movement
  • Back : Hybrid structure with no tip and with base to control airflow
  • The front end shape is "Twister Curve" to fit Twister body types.
  • Design : Thin design for a low center of gravity and light weight
  • Designed with competitiveness in mind


  • Compatible models : TC10/3 / AXON
  • Quantity : 1 piece
  • Material: TPU resin (soft rubber-like material)


  • If there are any interfering parts, please cut them off with pliers etc.
  • For improvement purposes, the shape may change without notice.
  • Please avoid using the product in direct sunlight or in high temperature environments (60 degrees).


The resin used has the following characteristics:

Currently it is the third batch.

-Excellent toughness

・Shock resistance

- Bending resistance

-High safety for the human body

3rd lot: Breaking elongation value 911

Second lot: Breaking elongation value 238

First lot: Breaking elongation value 118

*Since it has low heat resistance, please use it in an ambient temperature of 60 degrees or below.

High temperatures and direct sunlight can cause deformation.

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