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3D-Front Bumper V3 for A800R / AWESOMATIX (1 piece)

3D-Front Bumper V3 for A800R / AWESOMATIX (1 piece)

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3D-Front Bumper V3

V3 was born from the vast amount of data collected through our previous product lineup.

It has the best balance of bending and maneuverability, making it suitable for a variety of situations.


  • Optimized weight distribution ensures smooth movement.
  • Back side : A hybrid structure with no tip but with base controls airflow.
  • The front end shape is "Twister Curve" to fit Twister body types.
  • Design : Thin design for a low center of gravity and light weight
  • Designed with competitiveness as a priority.


  • Compatible models : A800R / AWESOMATIX
  • Quantity : 1 piece


  • If there are any interfering parts, please cut them off with pliers etc.
  • For improvement purposes, the shape may change without notice.
  • Please avoid using the product in direct sunlight or in high temperature environments (60 degrees).


The resin used has the following characteristics:

Currently it is the third batch.

-Excellent toughness

・Shock resistance

- Bending resistance

-High safety for the human body

3rd lot: Breaking elongation value 911

Second lot: Breaking elongation value 238

First lot: Breaking elongation value 118

*Since it has low heat resistance, please use it in an ambient temperature of 60 degrees or below.

High temperatures and direct sunlight can cause deformation.

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