[PayPay] [Bank transfer] Explanation of payment methods

Can I pay by PayPay or bank transfer?

We often receive inquiries like this.

The answer is corresponding!


Payment methods are explained below.

If when you move from the shopping cart screen to the next screen you think "This isn't the screen explained below!", please read the very end of this article.

Please enter your address and name in Japanese.

If you enter information in English, the waybill and invoice will also be in English.

Apparently, delivery may be delayed because English letters are difficult to read.

Please double check that your shipping address is correct.

Customers are responsible for lost items due to incorrect shipping address.

Please choose your payment method.

For PayPay and bank transfer, payment details will be included in the [order confirmation email].

When customers move from the shopping cart screen to the next screen, they will probably see the following screen if they think, "This isn't the screen explained below!"

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