AT Body Mount now available!!

AT body mount (anti-tack) is now on sale.

Anti-tack is a function that prevents the rear fender from getting caught in the car.

As shown in the photo, a carbon rod extends from the body mount.

The carbon rods we use have just the right amount of flexibility and are thin but not easily broken.

Here are some bullet points on how to use it in practice.

-Set it up using the fixing method for the AT patch (the plastic part that touches the fender)!

→ Stick it to the back of the body with double-sided tape

→ Fix it to the body with screws

→Just place it on the body without fixing it (it is better to apply tape to prevent paint chipping)

・Adjustable length of carbon rod

→ Use as is (80mm)

→79mm etc... Make it a little shorter to release the tension on the body (be careful not to cut it too short)

-Body mount height adjustment

→ Fine-tune by inserting a body mount spacer (sold separately)

→Instead of spacers, use rubber washers etc. to mount it softly.

There's lots of room for adjustment.

Depending on the circuit you are running, it may or may not be suitable.

Try different things and find what works best for you!

It depends on the situation, so I can't say for sure .

In a normal car that has been properly maintained, the changes in its performance will generally follow the following trends .

・Strongly reinforce the rear of the body

→ To put it positively, the rear is stable, but to put it negatively, it feels stiff.

・Reinforce the rear of the body moderately (e.g. do not fix the AT patch)

→ To put it positively, it is easy to turn the rear, but to put it negatively, the rear is not stable enough.

The contents of the set are as shown in the photo below.

The screws required for mounting are not included, so please use your own.

M3 set screws (set screws) x 4

M3 x 10 x 2 pieces

The above screws are the minimum required.

The two screw holes in the AT patch are there to prevent the screw from coming loose.

Please use this when you want to minimize retirement due to trouble, such as in races.

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